a portrait image of Jenita

Position Title
Undergraduate Research Assistant (4th year), Psych Major/Poli Sci Minor


I am intrigued by Executive Functions of the brain, particularly our thoughts and decision making aspects; I’m fascinated by its ability to make decisions within milliseconds without us realizing it.  I’ve worked with the homeless community and have deep empathy for our homeless United States Military Veterans, they inspired me to pursue my education and work in the field of mental health.  I aspire to go to grad school and further my studies in Clinical Psychology in hopes of having a career in Mental Health.  My ultimate self-care is hiking in remote locations and ending up near water whether it be an ocean or a river.  My favorite places to hike are in Kauai, Maui, Lake Tahoe, Auburn, and Pacifica.  I love California's heat and especially love it when it gets humid after rains.  I delight in spicy Thai and Indian cuisines.