a portrait image of Joyan

Position Title
Undergraduate Research Assistant (junior), Psychology and Sociology


Joyan is a junior, psychology and sociology double major at UC Davis and joined the lab in the fall of 2021. Motivated by his life experiences—a former social worker who lived and worked among refugees in different countries—he very much desires to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology or social psychology to empower culturally-diverse and economically-disadvantaged populations. His current research interests are centered around advancing understanding of the implicit impression, implicit biases, and impact of prolonged exposure to stress and the related neurochemicals, such as cortisol, in individuals' cognitive abilities and executive function. Joyan's chief diversions are reading, watching movies, hiking, drinking herbal tea, contemplating, and making meaningful conversations. These activities eventually will lead him to experience the state of flow. By doing so, he expects to liberate himself from deterministic concerns and to create exceptional moments.