a portrait image of Seigo

Position Title
Undergraduate Research Assistant (4th year). Cognitive Science


Seigo joined the lab in the Fall of 2021 and is pursuing a degree in cognitive science. Seigo is interested in neural mechanisms of cognitive control and connectionist simulation models to help understand how high-level cognitive processes emerge from accumulation of simplistic signals. Additionally, he is interested in adverse effects of virtual interaction on domains of executive function and how genetic/environmental factors play roles in an individual's vulnerability. Following graduation, he hopes to attend graduate school and conduct research to gain further experiences and be specialized in methods for assessment of brain function.  In his personal time, he spends his time surfing, playing drums in a band, and watching standup comedy fanatically. As a native of Japan, he is interested in traditional Japanese approaches to improve mindfulness. He believes that the traditional Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi can be applied beyond the realm of art to guide us in our lives through mindfulness and self-acceptance.