Graduate Students

Graduate Students
For applicants interested in applying to work with Dr. Yuko Munakata at the Cognition in Context Lab:

Thank you for your interest! I will be considering PhD applications for a Fall 2024 start. Research projects in my lab these days focus on inhibitory control, proactive and reactive control, self-directed control, and executive function more generally, the environmental contexts that support these cognitive processes and their development, and implications for education. Our methods include behavioral studies (including pupillometry), neural network models, ERP, and fMRI, often in collaboration across faculty members.  

Applicants are sometimes advised to reach out to potential advisors to ask about current research projects and interest in accepting new students. I've posted this information here so there’s no need to contact me separately. For equity reasons, I have a policy of not talking individually with applicants before reading applications.

Details of the application process are available here.  I'll look forward to reading your materials if you decide to apply.

a group photo of Yuko and graduate students.