The CiCLab values opportunities to connect with members of the community and build meaningful relationships through activities and projects of mutual interest, engagement, and learning. Please reach out to us if you would like to explore potential partnership opportunities together! Our outreach activities include:

logo of Family Hui

We are partnering with Family Hui, a parenting support group with roots in Hawaii and branches in California and internationally. The program has a broad reach, serving families across diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our partnership with Family Hui's California-based branch currently focuses on supporting their evaluation of parent feedback data and learning outcomes. Through this partnership, we aim to better understand how interventions like Family Hui benefit parent, child, and family well-being as a whole. Members of our partnership include Lucy Roberts, Executive Director of Family Hui, graduate students Winnie Zhuang and Jade Yonehiro, undergraduate RAs Kate Everhardt, Salma Awad, Andrew Lam, Michelle Wu, and Sloka Suresh, and PI Yuko Munakata.

founding schoolars of the Renée Crown Wellness Institute
Founding scholars of the Renée Crown Wellness Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder: Director Sona Dimidjian (center), Professors Kathy Schultz and Ben Kirshner (School of Education) and Professors Erik Willcutt and Yuko Munakata (then in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience).

Research-practice partnerships are at the heart of the Renée Crown Wellness Institute, which brings together researchers, families, teachers, children, youth, and community members working together as equal partners to promote the wellness of young people and the adults who support them. Professor Munakata and graduate student Winnie Zhuang are continuing their collaborative work with the Institute from UC Davis.








a logo of Saga

We are collaborating with educators, developers, and researchers to co-design and study Spark Math, a new program funded by efmathprogram.org, to support math learning in students from historically underserved groups. Members of our partnership include Brent Milne and Krista Marks of Saga Education, graduate students Diego Placido, Hilary Traut, and Jade Yonehiro, and PI Yuko Munakata.


a picture of graduate student - Winnie Zhuang
Graduate student Winnie Zhuang at “Meet a Scientist” at the CU Museum of Natural History

We share scientific findings and methods with members of the community in a variety of forums, including libraries and museums, a community Brain Day, our lab Facebook page, and TEDx talks that have reached millions of people.








a picture of undergraduate interns
Undergraduate interns from our lab at the Children’s Museum of Denver: Shadi Sharif, Arielle Sandoval, and Lexi Thomson.


Before moving to UC Davis, we enjoyed a 7-year partnership with the Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus. We presented evidence-based answers to questions relevant to families' lives, through interactive mobile exhibits that we co-designed, implemented, and staffed on the museum floor. In response to a direct request from our museum partners, we developed and led workshops in data analysis for Denver Area staff and educators to guide programming decisions for families. We also co-designed and implemented a study to understand the impact of outreach efforts; we are writing a collaborative paper on these findings. Members of our partnership included Sarah Brenkert, then Senior Director of Education and Evaluation at the Museum, graduate students Jesse Niebaum, Winnie Zhuang, and Jade Yonehiro, and PI Yuko Munakata. Our partnership was supported by funding from the National Living Labs and the Office for Outreach and Engagement at CU Boulder.