Leisure Time and Executive Functions

Science (audio): Whole-genome screening for newborns, and the importance of active learning for STEM (9/20/21)
"Yuko Munakata, professor in the department of psychology and Center for Mind and Brain at the University of California, Davis, talks about how the amount of unstructured time and active learning contributes to developing executive function—the way our brains keep us on task."

Parents Magazine: Kids, keep them healthy and happy: In praise of downtime (12/2014)
"Want to raise an emotionally intelligent kid? Try letting your child do her own thing more often..."

Colorado Public Radio - Colorado Matters (includes audio): Giving kids more free time could be good for them (8/11/14)

The Atlantic: Why Free Play Is the Best Summer School (6/20/14)
"The more time children spend in structured, parent-guided activities, the worse their ability to work productively towards self-directed goals."

The Today Show (video): Study: Kids who play outside learn to ‘set their own goals' (6/20/14)

Time: Study: Less-Structured Time Correlates to Kids' Success (6/19/14)
"Parents, drop your planners—a new psychological study released Tuesday found that children with less-structured time are likely to show more 'self-directed executive functioning,' otherwise known as the “cognitive processes that regulate thought and action ..."